We work with some great people. We want to constantly learn more so we can keep improving every day. That is why we have gathered top talented individuals into our team. We want to take our products forward with them so that we can offer the best possible quality and sense of freedom to you too.

We are pleased and honored to grace the green! Long-term collaboration with the Golf Union has allowed testing products and materials in practice. We are also taking the world over as suppliers of clothing to players at golf tournaments that are played throughout the year. We are also pleased that golf is once again an Olympic sport! We want to play our part in affecting how your game goes. Or if it sometimes doesn’t really go at all, it wouldn’t be down to your equipment.

Kalle is not slowing down even though his active career is behind him. This guy is driving the Catmandoo attitude forward wherever he goes in the world. We get to develop our products with an old hand – if anyone knows what equipment you need on the hill, it’s him. Whether he’s playing golf or at the top of the piste, Kalle takes Catmandoo along.

Working with the best golf professionals of Finland is safe. They know what equipment and clothing is required and we want to meet the demands. The golf professional competition calendar takes part from one continent to another, and we ensure that the appropriate and stylish clothing finishes the professional attitude and wins the victory.

Summer is for the putting green, winter is for the slopes! Our shared journey with the National Freestyle Team started several years ago. Our products often get tested on the slope, after which they are finished to suit changing conditions. At the Olympics in the upcoming spring, we will see the freestyle team wearing Catmandoo that is also available to you straight away.


Where a Jokeri fan, there Catmandoo. We are contributing to taking the Jokerit spirit into the arena and beyond. The fans have adopted our products as their own. And why not – the products have been designed and tailored exclusively for fans.