The most important products in the autumn season are Catmandoo's hybrids and midlayers. They are multipurpose garments and are suitable for both intermediate clothing and overcoat. The key features are the sleek appearance and the ultimate  comfort. Thanks to the high-quality materials, outdoor activities and exercising is even easier and more comfortable.

The hybrid's quilted, windproof fabric is combined with either the highly elastic Catmandoo's Stretch fabric or Wind soft shell fabric.

The new products, Tailfish and Shane are in their element at golf ranges as well as at jogging paths and a bit later at after ski parties. 

Midlayers also provide warmth and elegance. They are suitable for intermediate use, but during the warm autumn days they also serve as overcoats. The range of colors ranges from classic monochrome to always refreshing red tones and stylish prints.

Choose your own favorites and make sure you stay warm and stylish in cool cool autumn!