User agreement


1. Parties to the agreement
2. Licence
3. Registration
4. The User’s responsibilities and duties
5. Collection and use of personal information
6. Ordering
7. Product prices
8. Delivery
9. Cancellation and returns
10. Changes
11. Dispute resolution


1. Parties to the agreement

This agreement includes the terms and conditions for the use of the Catmandoo online service (’the Service’), which is maintained by Oy Sultrade Ltd (’the Service Provider’). By using the Service, purchasing products from the Service, or by registering with the Service, the User accepts the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement and commits to complying with these terms.

Contact information for the Service Provider:

Oy Sultrade Ltd / Verkkokauppa (Online store)
Linnoitustie 2 A, 02600 Espoo
Business identity code: 2008341-3


2. Licence

2.1. Private consumers.
The service is intended for private, adult consumers.

2.2. All rights to the content of the service belong to the Service Provider.


3. Registration

3.1. The User can register as a user of the Service by completing a registration form and choosing a username and password for himself/herself. The User can also order products without registering.

3.2. By ordering products, the User assures he/she has familiarized himself/herself with these terms and conditions, accepts them, and commits to complying with them.

3.3. Registration is free of charge.


4. The User’s responsibilities and duties

The User is responsible for all orders made using his/her username and password. The User is responsible for the privacy of his/her username and password.


5. Collection and use of personal information

5.1. The Service Provider is responsible for the appropriate handling of information provided by the User and for maintaining the User’s privacy protection in accordance with the Personal Data Act 22.4.1999/523. Information provided by the User is stored in the Service Provider’s customer register for the purpose of maintaining a customer relationship. Necessary data required for submitting an order are the User’s first name, last name, address, town, country, email address and telephone number.

5.2. The Service Provider will not release collected personal information to outside parties.

5.3. Information in the customer register can be used for electronic direct marketing only if the User has given consent for this.

5.4. The Service Provider retains the right to give information about the User to the authorities, if the User has acted against the law or good practice.

5.5. The User has the right to check, change or delete information about himself/herself from the customer register.

5.6 Information given by the User for the Catmandoo online store customer register is regulated based on our privacy policy. The User is responsible for ensuring provided information is accurate and complete and that information is updated as necessary. We never pass information on to third parties. By joining the Catmandoo online store customer register, you agree to regularly receive messages from the Catmandoo online store customer register. You can cancel your membership at any time by clicking the ’Unsubscribe’ section of an email message. If you cancel your membership of the Catmandoo online store customer register, you will no longer receive messages and will have to re-register if you want to re-join the Catmandoo online store customer register.


6. Ordering

6.1. When ordering from the Service, a purchase agreement is created when the Service Provider sends an order confirmation confirming the product’s availability and delivery to the User.

6.2. The Service Provider retains the right not to accept an order.


7. Product prices

7.1 The price of a product is the price shown on the product details section of the Service website at the time of ordering.

7.2 Delivery costs will be added to the price. Payment is per order, if not specified otherwise. Each delivery payment can be seen in the Service before an order is made.

7.3 In the Service, prices and delivery costs are given to the User in euros (EUR).

7.4 When products are sold and transported, prices include value added tax in accordance with Finnish legislation.


8. Delivery

8.1. The Service Provider will deliver sold products to the User based on a contract of carriage made with a third party.

8.2. Transportation costs are added to the order according to delivery method.

8.3. Delivery times for products are determined per product. The delivery time depends on the availability of the product and the destination of the delivery. The current delivery methods for each case can be seen in the Service.

8.4. The Service Provider is not responsible for delays caused by force majeure or for indirect detrimental impact of delays. The performance obligation of the Catmandoo online store will be postponed if a circumstance prevails that reasonably is not within the reach of influence of the Catmandoo online store, such as changes in legislation, regulatory measures, strike, trade embargo, vandalism, war, terrorism, fire, flooding, natural disasters or other equivalent event. If postponement lasts over 2 months, both you and the Catmandoo online store have the right to annul the agreement immediately without obligations to pay damages.

8.5. The Service Provider retains the right to deliver ordered products in separate deliveries. In such cases, delivery costs are only charged for the 1. delivery.

8.6. The Service Provider is responsible for losing or damaging a product during transit until the point when the customer has acknowledged the product as received.


9. Cancellation and returns

9.1. Consumers have the right, in accordance with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, to cancel their order by making an electronic return notification to the Service Provider within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the order. For hygiene reasons, the right to return or cancel does not apply to swimwear or underwear, including technical underwear. Returning a product is free of charge.

Return is conditional on:

  1. The order must be cancelled according to the terms of agreement by making an electronic return notification in the online store within 14 days of receipt of the product
  2. The product is unused
  3. The product is in the same condition as when the buyer received it, and all parts belonging to the product are included and hang tags attached
  4. The product is packed in its original packaging or in an equivalent way
  5. Footwear box is in the condition in which the buyer received it
  6. The product is non-returnable, if the product is returned in only its own product packaging (also applies to shoe boxes) or if the product has become damaged or dirty in transit as a result of insufficient packaging


9.2. The product must immediately be returned after cancellation.

9.3. The returner of an order is responsible for potential damage to products during return transit. For this reason it is important that the product is packaged carefully so that it will not be damaged in transit. The product must be unused and it must be sent back in the undamaged original packaging. All package markings must be in place and user instructions must be included in the return delivery. It is important that protective packaging is used and that tape or other material is not applied directly onto the original packaging. Sultrade retains the right to accept or reject returnability.

9.4 Missing customer returns. If a customer return delivery sent by a customer goes missing on the way to a Posti warehouse, we will refund the price of the missing products to the customer only if the orderer has a delivery tracking code and a receipt that can demostrate that the product was left at Posti to be transported.

9.5 Uncollected deliveries. According to Chapter 6 of the Consumer Protection Act, passive non-collection of goods from the place of collection is not an admissible method of cancelling a distance selling agreement. Non-collection of a delivery is reason for annulment of the purchase.


10. Changes to service and this agreement

The Service Provider retains the right to make, at any time, changes to the service, terms and conditions and this user agreement.


11. Price and product information

If stock information or prices include errors, Catmandoo retains the right the annul the purchase agreement. If a product is sold out or is otherwise unavailable, Catmandoo does not have an obligation to deliver the product, but Catmandoo can suggest an alternative product. All images and information therein are intended as illustrative information, and Catmandoo cannot guarantee that they represent the exact likeness or quality of the product. Catmandoo retains the right to cancel orders in cases of ’clear pricing errors’. By clear pricing error is meant a potential pricing error for a product that results in the product’s price differing significantly and obviously from the real price of the product.


A clear pricing error could be the one of the following examples:

- if the product in the online store had the price €0.00 or no price at all

- if a jacket’s normal price is €150.00, and the price in the online store is given as €15.00, for example, or another equivalent remarkably low price

In the above cases, the erroneous price is so clearly different to the real price that the customer is considered to understand the erroneousness.


12. Dispute resolution

All disputes relating to this agreement, which cannot be resolved through negotiation, will be resolved at Espoo District Court in accordance with Finnish legislation.